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Looking for Boiler Installation or Servicing in Billericay?

Technical Gas plumbing & Heating Ltd have been installing new boilers in Billericay, aiding people with much more efficient heating systems, saving them money and helping the environment. Having a professional organisation fit and install your new boiler will give you piece of mind. Our installers are gas safe registered which underpins our morals and standards of excellence when it comes to selecting and installing your new boiler. We are professional boiler installers within the Billericay and Essex areas, so feel free to give us a call today on 07715693444 to discuss your new boiler installation.

Over the years boilers have changed and developed for the better, gone are the big clunky back boilers that take up space in your home, now we can install super energy efficient slimline boilers with more functionality than you could imagine, saving you money on your heating bills and giving you versatility and control. Relocating your new boiler installation couldn’t be easier here at Technical Gas Plumbing and Heating Ltdwe can advise you on the best location for your new energy efficient boiler, whether it be in the loft space, garage or kitchen areas. Take a look at some of our new boiler installations here.

Control Your New Boiler From Your Phone

Smart heating systems now mean that you can control your boiler and heating system from your phone. We can show you how and advise you on the best systems to fit for your flexibility and convenience.. Imagine this…on the way home sitting on the train on your daily commute with your mobile in hand turning on your heating system from your phone or adjusting the heating to suit the weather, so when you walk through the door you will feel the warmth of your new heating system and instantly relax knowing that you are home, especially in the cold winter months, this is what a good heating system should do in the cold winter months…welcome you home. Feel free to discuss this with us as we have years of experience in this area.

Boiler Repairs in Billericay

If we can repair your old boiler we will and of course we can advise you on all the pros and cons of doing this.This can be a much more cost effective solution for you and we may be able to advise you if your boiler is still in its warranty period as well. Most boilers when fitted come with a 5-10 year warranty. So theoretically unless you have a really old boiler, and we do come across some that are 20-30 years old we should be able to repair the unit for you rather than replace. Do have a look at our boiler page here.

Our Extensive Plumbing And Heating Services in Billericay

As well as carrying out a boiler installation in Billericay, our Gas Safe registered engineers are experts in a range of residential and commercial heating and plumbing services across Essex, including emergency plumbing and heating call outs. We are also specialised in LPG Gas Fitting so if you have a mobile home or a caravan as a holiday home we can help you with this in addition to the following:

  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Boiler installation
  • Power flushing
  • LPG Gas Fitting & Servicing

If you’re unsure about a new boiler installation in Billericay or you have a general enquiry about gas or your plumbing.. please do get in touch and one of our expert team members will be able to advise you accordingly. Feel free to contact us here.

What Happens if Your Boiler Breaks Down in Billericay?

We are assuming that you’ve landed on our website because you’ve switched your boiler on or tried to switch it on and suddenly you’ve possibly heard a very strange noise you’ve never experienced before or your boiler has not ignited and you have no heating or hot water?

Therefore it could be possible that you need a boiler repair in Billericay. Here at Technical Gas Ltd we have been helping our clients service and repair their boilers in Essex for years. It could well be that you need a boiler repair of some sort or it could just be that possibly something has changed in the ignition system of your boiler that we can help you reset over the phone.

Many of our clients initially do feel a sense of dread when they switch on the boiler and nothing happens, straightaway you think.. Oh no has the boiler broken down ? Do we need a new boiler that’s going to cost us thousands of pounds ! Here at Technical Gas Ltd we will always try and repair your boiler and give you good advice on how to maintain it rather than going through the costly experience of replacing your complete boiler unit, saving you our customers money. Do have a look at our boiler page.

Never Try And Repair Your Boiler Yourself

Boilers are simple and yet complex pieces of equipment that amateurs or DIY enthusiasts should not touch or try to repair themselves, so for safety reasons we urge you to call us as quickly as possible so we can help you with your boiler repair in Billericay. It could simply be that your boiler system needs resetting so that the ignition process can commence and get your boiler running again. But you should always call a Gas Safe Qualified expert whose number can be checked on the Gas Safe website, We will be happy to provide our Gas Safe number to you upon request.

Are Spare Boiler Parts readily available?

Many modern boilers are constructed in a way that it is always possible to repair certain components, plus replacement parts of boilers are readily available. Here at Technical Gas in Billericay, Essex, we carry a number of parts and spares for your boiler repair on our van so it may be the case that once you’ve called us and tell us your make and model of boiler we will be able to tell you hopefully that we have that spare part and will be able to repair your boiler very soon, making sure your family are all warm and cozy in the great British winter months.

Frequently Asked Questions in Billericay

Boiler installation encompasses a comprehensive process to ensure efficient and safe operation. It begins with a thorough assessment of your property’s heating needs, followed by the selection of a suitable boiler model. The installation includes removing the old boiler, positioning the new one, and connecting it to existing plumbing and electrical systems. The process involves integrating the boiler with the central heating system, fitting necessary controls and safety devices, and flushing the system to remove debris. After installation, one of our boiler experts will conduct safety checks, commissions the boiler, and provides an operational demonstration, ensuring compliance with all regulations and optimal performance.

In most cases, you do not need planning permission to install a boiler in your home, as it is considered permitted development. However, there are exceptions. If you live in a listed building or a designated area, such as a conservation area, you may need consent from your local planning authority. Additionally, if the installation involves extensive alterations to your property, like moving the flue to the front of your house, permission might be required. Always ensure that any boiler installation complies with current Building Regulations and is carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer to ensure safety and legality.

The installation of a new boiler can vary based on several factors, but typically, it takes a couple of hours to complete. A straightforward replacement of an old boiler with a new one in the same location will be the quickest. However, if the installation involves relocating the boiler, upgrading the system, or adding new pipework, it may take a few days to complete. The process includes removing the old boiler, setting up the new one, connecting it to existing systems, performing necessary safety checks, and ensuring everything is functioning correctly.

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So you know you have a problem and you think you need a boiler repair in Billericay? Feel free to contact us via our contact page here or call us Today on 07715 693444 You can detail to us what you have heard or seen your boiler do and we may be able diagnose the problem on the phone for you with our experience. We can then detail the next steps to you as to whether we need to come out and look at the boiler ourselves to diagnose the problem. What we can guarantee is that you will as a customer be treated fairly and quickly and we will be clear about our prices with no hidden extras.