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New Boiler Ingatestone

Have you decided to install a new Boiler in your home in Ingatestone?

If you have, we can certainly help you here at Technical Gas Ltd. Based in Brentwood Essex we help residents on a daily basis with their boiler installations, central heating and plumbing. We are also a commercial Gas installer as well with full Gas Safe certification, giving you piece of mind that you are dealing with fully qualified professionals. We have grown in our reputation of completing Gas Safe work the right way, so if you are having a new boiler fitted in Ingatestone we will ensure that your central heating has a full power flush as well, what does this do? It cleans out any residue that could have built up overtime in your radiators, especially if your radiators are a number of years old, this could lead to dead spots of heating within the radiator itself, so our advice is always,  if you are going to have a new boiler fitted make sure your existing heating system is ready to cope as we have no doubt with todays rising energy bills you would prefer to have a fully fledged economic heating system that is fully functional but also very economical. Do have a look at some of the boilers we have fitted here.

Boiler Technology Has Improved Considerably

We would always advise customers if they were looking to have a new boiler fitted to schedule this for the summer months as generally,we will have more time, we always get calls when the cold snaps start where customers have switched on their boiler and nothing happens, it doesn’t fire up or you hear a strange noise, or your radiators are not getting hot and its then that they call us, so get ahead of the crowd, we are in demand because of the quality of our work.  If you have been considering replacing an old boiler for years, then we can advise you of the best most efficient boilers on the market today. The quality of new boilers does range in price, but we would be able to recommend something for all budgets, whether you are a landlord renting a property or you are replacing a boiler that you have had for 20 years in your residential home. We can also advise you of the smart heating options that are available for you today where even when you are away from your home you can be in complete control of your heating and hot water, all from your mobile phone. We can discuss with you all the options on the market today and which one would be best suited to your lifestyle.

Additional Heating Related Services

When fitting new boilers we often get asked about central heating and plumbing as well. We are experts in these areas and would ask you to have a look at our relevant pages here; our central heating services and our plumbing services here.

Let’s Get Started

If you are ready to start discussing your new boiler with us feel free to contact us on 07715 693444 we find this the best way as we can advise you over the phone if you feel this is an emergency situation. In addition  you can contact us through our website here detailing the type of new boiler you are interested in having installed or the problems you are having with your current boiler and the make and model of this boiler. We look forward to hearing from you.