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Are you looking to have a new boiler installed in Doodinghurst, Brentwood, Essex ? If you are the Gas safe fully qualified engineers at Technical Gas Ltd can certainly help you. We fit and install new boilers. Repair old boilers and service boilers in Doddinghurst and the fact that we are local means that we can give you that personalised service. Perhaps you simply turned on your boiler and noticed that it isn’t firing up? Another possibility is that you have heard a peculiar noise that has never happened before, or in the worst-case scenario, your boiler may be emitting some kind of smoke. Be at ease! Please call Technical Gas Ltd first because we can advise you over the phone on what steps to take to make your boiler safe so that we can come out and do a site visit to analyse the problem and determine whether you actually need a new boiler. If there is a very serious problem with your boiler, please call us first. Please have a peek at some of our most recent boilers we have fitted here.

What is the Best Boiler To Install in Doddinghurst

We can assist you in selecting the ideal boiler for your abode, whether it’s a studio apartment or a mansion with eight bedrooms. We can provide you advice on the best, most affordable boilers available today that are within your budget, whether it’s a combi boiler for hot water on demand or a brand-new, environmentally friendly heat pump that circulates hot air throughout your home. We realise the last thing on your mind is spending your hard-earned money on a boiler whether you’ve had one for more than ten years or if you’ve recently moved into a home where the boiler appears to be old and worn out and isn’t keeping you warm and cosy in the winter. There is nothing better than working all day and coming home to a warm, welcoming house where the heat greets you as you enter, blocking out the rain and wind as you settle in for a cosy night in your gorgeous warm home with your new boiler keeping you warm in the background. Don’t forget we can also advise you on the best smart technology out there to control your boiler from your mobile phone.

New Boiler Warranties

We would advise you to start doing routine maintenance on your central heating system. Doing so will improve the boiler’s performance and bleeding the radiators regularly will prevent airlocks from forming in the system. Eliminating the airlocks will improve the efficiency of the hot water flow throughout the central heating system and maintain the desired temperature for your house. If your boiler is located in your loft or if the pipes that travel throughout your home are located there, we also recommend that you lag your pipes in addition to bleeding your radiators. Lagging simply wraps around your pipes as insulation to prevent freezing during the chilly winter months. Maintaining your boiler throughout the year will possibly lower the cost of your heating bills and give your new boiler longevity.

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Are you interested in learning more about our fantastic new boiler installation service in Doddinghurst? Why not get in touch with our team of engineers by phone or email right away? For further information on your new boiler installation, get in touch with us via our website here or by phone at 07715 693444. Before scheduling a site visit to evaluate your project, we want to make sure that you have had all of your questions answered and that you are completely satisfied with our responses.